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 Larotinib intermediates
 Entrectinib intermediates
 Abemaciclib intermediates
 Brigatinib intermediates
 Ricapabo intermediates
 Ribociclib intermediates
 Elotinib intermediates

About Us

Shandong Zhonghan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.is a high-tech company specializing in service and R&D of pharmaceutical intermediates and Reactivity of Small Molecules. Our business and service include: gemcitabine hydrochloride impurity,Pharmaceutical Intermediates,drug materials,biologic extract,traditional Chinese medicine extract ect. We also provides services such as technology development, technology transfer, technical services for new prduction. Now, wehave 10 kinds of new drug intermediates. They all could be finished for scale production and products are sold all over the world.
The company's existing instruments and equipment are fully capable of meeting the production need of project industrialization. Paying attention to introducing and fostering professional and technical personnel, the company has a group of vigorous and well-trained young employees, and strong technical R&D forces. We can do well form the test, pilot to data writing.
Our production base is located in zaozhuang and covers an area of 20 mu. We have a complete set with different tonnage reaction kettle 10 units, power plant, sewage treatment, which can satisfy the production requirements of different size. Companies adhering to the scientific and technological innovation of concept, and domestic well-known universities and research institutes have the depth of cooperation, jointly developed a series of new drug intermediates, satisfy the requirement of mass production. Based on advanced equipment and strict management, the company provides high-quality products and services for every customer sincerely.

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